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Quinn Diacon-Furtado is a writer and creator who explores gender, magic, intuition, and memory across multiple genres.

They are the author of the young adult thriller, The Lilies (HarperTeen 2024).

A 2022 Lambda Literary Fellow, Quinn holds a BA from the University of Virginia and an MFA in Creative Writing for Children from Hollins University.

They enjoy hiking, tarot, and toys from the ‘90s.

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Four classmates find themselves trapped in an infinite time loop in this don’t-dare-to-look-away young adult thriller, exploring how secrets can rot an institution (and the people who uphold it) from the inside out.

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The Slow Read discusses what Quinn is currently reading, their lifelong experience as a slow reader, and their personal experience with reading (dis)ability.

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Follow them at @ya_quinn_ya on Instagram.


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